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The UpcycleD Trading COmpany

The Upcycled Trading Company specialises in providing upcycled products, upcycled commissions and workshops, and interior design services to clients looking for local, responsible repurposing design solutions.

Dedicated To Your Satisfaction

In addition to my quality products and tailor-made services, I am a proud stockist of Annabell Duke chalk and mineral furniture paints, along with other craft supplies. I can also offer advice on the best colour or product for you based on your needs.

The Upcycled Trading Company is the go-to shop for responsible consumerism in Kent and throughout the South East. As an experienced interior designer, I call upon my knowledge of design styles to create and supply unique upcycled furniture ranges and supply carefully selected recycled, hand-made, or fair-trade products. Additionally, all my commissions and interior design services are carried out according to your exact specifications, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

My products are available from my shop in Lenham, Kent or online via the website and my commissions, workshops, and interior design services are available to clients throughout the South East. Regardless of your needs, I have the ideal products, upcycling commission, and interior design solution for you.

Get in touch today on 01622 924 767 or at info@tutco.co.uk to see how I can help you meet your needs.

Quality Gifts, Accessories & 100% Recycled Gift Wrap

Recycled, upcycled, hand-made and fair trade products carefully selected for quality and style.  100% recycled gift wrap and cards, design led and of high quality.

Bespoke Upcycling Commissions

I use my interior design experience to conceptualise and create bespoke upcycling designs according to your specifications.

Personalised Interior Design Services

My approach to interior design always begins with ascertaining what exists that can remain and be upcycled to work with your scheme rather than discarding and purchasing new.  I supply beautiful fabrics and paints that have eco-friendly credentials and whatever your style or aspirations there will be a sustainable interior design solution to suit.

Get In Touch Today!

on 01622 924767 or at info@tutco.co.uk

to see how I can help you meet your needs.


"The chest of drawers is amazing. You have breathed new life into it and the colours are a perfect match for the room, the chest of drawers has been in the family for close on 30 years and the work you have done gives it a fresh new look. Thanks a million."


“I have been friends with Claire for about 8 years, I first met Claire at a private college in Clapham where I was currently teaching. Right from the start Claire, showed not only talent, but a flair for design, and that coupled with her determination and enthusiasm has led her onto many wonderful and life changing design led experiences today. I am so pleased that you have opened your shop Claire and I hope you have lots of fun as I know that you have wanted to do this for a long time."

Sara Corker

"Claire produced a design scheme for our guest annex which was fantastic. She carefully researched all of our likes and needs and was able to deliver a space that we all enjoy."


"The workshop was great fun and I will recommend to others"

K CAREY (workshop participant)

"The workshop was fun and just the right length of time. Everything I learnt was new, it was an easy going and informative afternoon"

C. PETERSON (workshop participant)

"Claire’s love of upcycling is infectious. She has done a lot of research on the subject and has refined it in her handouts. The class was very informative and working with such beautiful paints was very enjoyable."

T HAZELBY (workshop participant)

Contact Details

The Corner Shop, The Corner House, The Square, Lenham ME17 2PQ
01622 924 767