Upcycling Application – It’s time for the fun part! You’ve made sure your furniture is clean, free of wax, dust and paint. You’ve organised all the loose parts – screws, hinges, handles. Your working area is clear – excellent. Time to start applying your paints and finishes. Here are The Upcycling Trading Company’s must-haves for the application stage of your upcycling project.

Upcycling Application

This is the stage where instead of stripping, cleaning and dismantling your piece, you can now start adding your design, paint, style and finish.


A set of good quality synthetic bristle brushes. If you’re after that super-smooth brushstroke free finish synthetic bristles are a must.

Eco Ezee Paint Brushes

These Eco Ezee professional quality brushes provide an excellent finish. With handles are made from bamboo which is lighter than oak, they are highly durable and come from a fast-growing, sustainable natural resource. The ferrule is made from recycled stainless steel.

The filaments are made from a blended mixture of recycled natural and synthetic bristle. These are designed to provide a lifetime of use – making them incredibly good value as well as being highly sustainable. They deliver consistently excellent results with all paint types.

A great choice of brush, suitable for a wide range of uses. Plus we love the impressive eco credentials.

Cling On! Brushes

These amazing Cling On! Brushes are designed to work perfectly with water-based paints. As they use a blend of specially engineered synthetic filaments secured into a stainless steel ferrule by epoxy cement, there is ZERO filament shedding.

After painting, just rinse your brush a little and hang with the brush’s feet in water. Due to the special coating any remaining paint will simply fall from the bristles. How incredible is that?!

Paint roller

We recommend a small roller handle, tray and set of smooth pile sleeves. This is ideal for covering large surfaces quickly and evenly. Our absolute favourites are these from Two Fussy Blokes – who have worked to create the very best paint rollers!

Featuring a stylish wooden roller handle crafted for optimum comfort with a smart black finished frame, these are such a pleasure to use. In the words of the Two Fussy Blokes themselves, these products have been “Rigorously tested to meet the demands of even the most particular painters”

Masking tape

A quality masking tape is essential for keeping certain areas paint-free. You can also use it to create interesting geometric patterns within your design! Instagram and Pinterest are great places for getting ideas on how to be creative with masking tape.

Paint kettle

It’s so important to decant your paint into paint kettle, instead of using it straight from the can or pot. The number one reason being if you decant smaller amounts at a time and you should knock it over you’ve not lost all your paint! Of course, that’s never happened to us… It also keeps the main pot of paint from getting dust or fluff inside. Decanting your paint also helps you not overload your brush.

Paint stirrer

When using furniture paint you must make sure you stir before you begin, making sure there is no separation. You can use a specially made paint stirrer, or make sure whatever you do use won’t leave contaminate your paint with dust. We stock these fab mixing spatulars which are perfect for this.

Paper towel for spills

It happens to all of us, even the most careful professional upcycler has an off day! Make sure you’ve got paper towels to hand to mop up any spillages quickly. You don’t want to ruin your handiwork or your workspace.

Next up – our guide to choosing paints and finishes!

With so many different brands of furniture paint, different finishes, different colours – oh the gorgeous colours – it can be tricky to know where to start. Next, we’ll be sharing our handy guide to furniture paints and finishes!

If this has inspired you but you’ve still got questions we are always happy to share tips and advice. Do just get in touch with your query and we can point you in the right direction.

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