Cornish Milk Mineral Paint 500ml




Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is eco-friendly, Vegan, made from natural ingredients and contain very little VOC’s, which make our Paints perfect for the whole family to use and they are safe for your children and pets too.
Requires no priming or undercoats, has superior coverage and self levelling formula giving that professional brush stroke free finish.  No waxes or topcoats required, just allow to cure for a durable scuff and water resistant finish. It is advisable to give a light scuff to shiny surfaces for better adhesion.
Mineral Paints are potted in high-grade ”Milk” Cartons which are 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. Unlike other Paint brands who use Plastic tubs and metal tins, our packaging has been made from recycled hard woods and cards which produce 75% less C02 emissions to produce and will not harm our environment, making our planet and future safer.
You simply clean out our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint cartons after use, flat pack and put into your recycling bins to be recycled. The white clips which come with each tub of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint are also bio-degradable and recyclable, they safety seal your paint once the carton has been opened, producing an air tight seal, protecting your paint while not in use.
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is and will forever be a Green business, as we are passionate about protecting our environment and planet.
”No cow’s were harmed in the making of Cornish Milk Mineral Paints”

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 25 cm
Paint Colour

Salt, Fish House, Flour Sack, Bake House, Thrift, Sea Pink, Hive, Cornish Honey, Kelp, Siren, Sea Glass, Samphire, Blue Lobster, Cornish Pottery, Mor, Goose, Black Rock, Smoke House, High Tide, Gul Rock, Lobster, Squid Ink, Milk Maid

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