Fleur Paint Eggshell 750ml




Fleur Paint Eggshell 750ml


Fleur Paint Eggshell Finish. This paint is slightly satin (20% gloss).

As with all Fleur Paint products it has excellent adhesion. There is no need to apply primer on most surfaces, and no need to protect with varnish. This washable colour has excellent brushability, and spreads quickly.
This eco-friendly brand also has minimum level of VOCs and recyclable packaging.


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02 Snow White, 04 Creme Love, 06 Taupe Sophistication, 11 Greige, 12 James Taupe, 16 Indian Elephant, 17 Chocolate Wish, 19 Pink Rococo, 23 American Beauty, 31 Tropical Sunset, 33 Pumpkin Soup, 36 Cherry Lips, 39 Love In Portofino, 44 Flower Power, 45 Bamboo, 46 Veranda Green, 49 Cape Town Blue, 53 Emerald Life, 55 Good Morning Oslo, 60 Vanity Blue, 61 All About Grey, 71 Lavender Blue, 57 French Mood, 75 Smoky, 09 Grey White, 77 Black, 01 Titanium White, 59 Istanbul Interior, 87 Wood Spirit, 85 Metropolitan Poetry, 03 Chalk White, 66 Trendsetter Blue, 54 The Green Queen, 10 Dove Grey

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