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Carefully prepared hand or machine washing liquid for delicate and wool garments. Made with lanolin, Woolly Wash will leave your clothes feeling soft and fresh. Ideal for taking away with you for hand washing or keep by the washing machine. If you have washable sheepskin you can use this product also.

Woolly Wash is a gentle machine or hand washing liquid for all your woollens and delicate garments, leaving them soft and fresh. Instructions for use: Always test for colourfastness, and follow each garment’s care label. Avoid excess rubbing or agitation. Rinse cap after each use. Hand Washing with Woolly Wash: Add 1 cupful to a medium sized bowl and mix well prior to immersing garment. After washing, rinse thoroughly in Luke warm water. Machine Washing with Woolly Wash: Use 1 cupful for a front loading machine or 2 cupfuls for a top loader. Woolly Wash is biodegradable. 250ml

Ingredients List:

Woolly Wash
Anionic Surfactants (5 to 15%), Amphoteric Surfactants (5 to 15%), Lanolin, Fragrance, Preservative. 

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