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Product description for Sandi Hands Cotton Glove Men & Womens 

Sandi Hands cotton glove for women/Men.

We all hate the inevitable prep work involved in our industry/hobby/passion/addiction! We have got the perfect product for you. Sandi Hand sanding glove, #prepmadeeasy no more dusty hands or broken nails. It also makes it easier to get into all those nooks and crannies.

This glove is cotton breathable and washable, the sandpaper grits stick to velcro on the glove. The cotton glove comes with 2 grits. They are perfect for prep and distressing as well as intricately detailed work.

Spindles and chair legs are easy using the Sandi Hand sanding glove, it’s the perfect add on tool for your toolbox!

It can be used for wood prep and finishing, car detailing, surfboard shaping, and many more applications. We believe every home should have one..

Introducing Sandi Hands the glove that makes sanding easy and protects your hands.


Sandi Hands sanding glove comes in a

white cotton glove with 2 replacement grits in 80 & 120.

A Tradesman glove.

A pack of replacement of 3 Mixed grits. 80, 120, 240, 320, 400, 1000, 2000. Each pack contains 3 grits.

This product is a complete game-changer .



  1. Keeps you hands dust free .
  2. Easy to sand hard to reach places and fine details.
  3. Fantastic add on for workshops
  4. Excellent for distressing
  5. Sanding a table leg takes seconds.
  6. Makes prep work a breeze.
  7. No more slipping from your hand.
  8. More protection, more comfort, more flexibility for intricate work.
  9. All wet and dry sandpaper , just wash and reuse for longer life .
  10. Perfect gift idea.

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Cotton glove Womens, tradesperson glove size 8, tradesperson glove size 9, tradesperson glove size 10, Abrasive pack A, Abrasive pack C, Abrasive pack E