The world of upcycling has come a long way in recent years.  It was once all about the easy to live with and easily achievable shabby chic style – and it was everywhere! It’s still popular but more recently we’ve seen a move towards the flawless finish, glamorous metallics and serious statement pieces. It’s been a game changer! There’s now a much wider appreciation for the quality of older furniture. Unsurprising, with it’s potential to be transformed with a luxurious, unique re-style. Those that aspire to quality, bespoke and designer styles are now considering spending their money in a more environmentally conscious way. People are looking to buy unique one-off designs from a professional upcycler.

Scroll-stopping Luxcycling

The industry now has some incredibly talented furniture artists making a real name for themselves with their sought-after signature styles. Some call it luxcycling and there are some wonderfully scroll stopping images to be found! Once you fall down that Pinterest rabbit hole of upcycling loveliness you’ll never look back.  I honestly can’t look at new mass-produced furniture in chain stores any more without feeling a sense of sadness and disappointment. Interior designers work with upcycling professionals to provide that bespoke piece that none of their clients’ friends will have. But that they all will want once they see it! It’s a complete win-win, unique, highly desirable furniture obtained in a sustainable way.   

Upcycling Pros

What’s more these upcycling pros are inspiring a whole new band of enthusiastic furniture painters. They are catching the bug – and believe me it can become addictive! What starts as a simple project at home soon becomes a shed full of furniture and an Etsy shop! Sometimes that furniture painting workshop you’re thinking of signing up for sparks a whole new business and way of life! 

Upcycling Furniture Paint Stockist

Whether you’re just starting out, already selling your upcycled furniture or a seasoned professional influencing and educating the industry, tell me: What else do you want to find readily available from your local paint stockist? The Upcycled Trading Company aims to provide workshops and upcycled furniture; and also to be a one-stop shop for everything you could need for any project. So put forward your shopping list for consideration. 

We currently stock two brands of high quality, scuff and water resistant paint

Cornish milk paint 3 boxes

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a super eco friendly paint. The colour pallet reflects the natural elements of the Cornish land and seascape. This makes it ideally suited to UK interiors and our northern European light. The packaging looks really cute in it’s Milk Carton design, and is also completely biodegradable. The only paint packaging that can currently make this boast. The sealing clip is also very handy to hold the carton open whilst in use is recyclable. Manufactured in the UK this paint is also vegan. The milk part refers to the similarity to a plaster like milk paint finish, and uses plant based resins. This paint is pioneering in it’s eco credentials with no compromise on performance.

Fleur Paint

Fleur Paint known as Designers Paint is a long established Italian brand. It only arrived in the UK for distribution just last year. The high volume of super fine quality pigments make for an intensely chromatic pallet. The super matt chalky look paint is in fact an acrylic resin water based paint which makes it scuff and water resistant.  The chalky look refers to the super matt 2% sheen. Don’t mistake it for chalk paint which needs a separate top coat to protect it. The Fleur Paint range is extensive. You’ll find eggshells, metallics, primers, top coats, markers and so much more. There just isn’t the space here to do it justice! 

Brushes, rollers and more

We also stock Cling On brushes, Two Fussy Blokes rollers, a large range of stencils and various preparation products. And of course top coats in different sheens. There are more products being added but it needs to be right, it needs to be what you the customer, the professional upcyclers, the creatives, the furniture painters and the artists want to use.  My goal for 2021 is for my customers to know that when they need supplies to start their next project TUT Co. will have everything they need for it.  What’s more there’ll be a loyalty scheme starting soon. You’ll be able to benefit from a discount over a number of purchases! More to be announced on that soon. 

Let’s keep filling the internet with more scroll stopping images. If you’ve brought some of your products from TUT Co. don’t forget to tag us!  

Happy Upcycling! 

Claire X