It’s been a great summer albeit a bit odd due to the pandemic. Furniture painters have been shopping for new products as well as the usual favourites. Tourists and locals have been discovering unique locally handmade gifts and accessories, upcycled furniture has been both bought and commissioned. Workshops have been taken and continue to be booked. It’s been wonderfully, exhaustingly but very happily busy, busy busy! The days have started at around 6am with the social media posting and sometimes not finishing until late in the evening with the dreaded admin. Working for yourself is both liberating and relentless and I wouldn’t change a thing! 

I decided on opening in June that I would open the shop 7 days a week for the first 3 months. Partly to make up for opening late due to lockdown but also to get an idea of which days are the busiest for when I did change to opening 5 days rather than 7.  After a total of 2 days off since mid-June I’m so ready for a least one day off a week to do whatever I like! Visit friends and family, mooch around the shops, have a spa day – I won’t know what to do first! I will likely be upcycling at the Studio the other day but I’m thinking a change of scene is as good as a rest. The shop will now open from Thursday to Monday 10am to 5pm closing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. As always purchases can be made online via the website www.tutco.co.uk and I will still be contactable 7 days a week. 

Commissions have kept me busy recently and my latest is to paint a customers kitchen cabinets to give the space a complete refresh! It’s a big job and will be carried out over a few weeks due to curing and drying time for various products used but this will certainly be a very satisfying makeover! It’s also a lot less disruptive not to mention less expensive than refitting a new kitchen.

Workshops continue with a maximum of two participants at each one and they are held at the Studio in Lyminge. The format can be flexible, either bring your own project to get started on learning all the correct preparation and techniques or practice a few different effects and finishes.  Workshops will soon be expanded to include a copper coat hook making class and making a jam jar lamp. Workshops run Monday to Thursday from 4pm. Email for further details info@tutco.co.uk  

Painty stuff is now in abundance! Alongside the exquisite Cornish Milk Mineral Paint with its super eco credentials and beautifully flat and flawless finish we also now have Fleur Paint! Fleur Paint is a long established Italian brand newly available in the UK and known for its highly chromatic formula using large amounts of super fine pigments. The range is vast and so I’ve had to be selective. For now I have eggshell, chalky look spray (not chalk paint – this can be used indoors or outside). I also have their paint markers, three varnishes in matt, satin and gloss as well as a universal primer and metallic paints. 

Homewares are being re-stocked for Autumn Winter with some gorgeous shades made by Heather Orr due in soon.  There are also some Autumnal fragrances in the Dallas Candles range such as Campfire, Pumpkin and Chestnuts and Brown Sugar! If that doesn’t make you feel the super cosy Hygge vibe yet then just wait until you see the super fluffy and textural rugs soon to grace the shop (available to buy now online).

So summer was a blast, exhausting, exciting and the best way to get established, meet new customers, fellow businesses and new friends.  Now I am looking forward to moving into the Autumn, lots of rich, warm, earthy colours and perhaps taking the occasional day off to mooch around other fabulous independent shops.